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Nice bits and bytes of historic and other interest ...

JavaScript Emulations

 JS/UIX – virtual OS / UN*X emulation
JS/UIX – a virtual OS for web browsers.
JS/UIX is a whole interactive, virtual OS in UN*X style, written entierly in JavaScript. It brings its own terminal and features a sh-like shell, virtual filesystem, process-management with fork, child-processes, pipes and sub-shells.

JS/UIX is not a free software! For a free and easy to use library for terminal-interfaces see http://www.masswerk.at/termlib or see the local mirror.
The virtual 6502 suite
virtual 6502 – a 6502/6510 emulator.
A full featured emulator for the MOS 65xx MPU that was the heart of so popular micro computers as the Apple II (6502) or the Commodore 64 (6510).
6502 Assembler – a "virtual 6502" companion.
Compile your code to run in "virtual 6502" (see above).
6502 Disassembler
annother "virtual 6502" companion..
6502 Instruction Set
The reference for the virtual 6502 suite.
Virtual UNIVAC
Virtual Univac – a web based UNIVAC I emulator
  A quick and dirty binary compatible reconstruction of the UNIVAC I, the first computer commercially available. Based on some manuals and training material found on the web. (Sorry no docs included.) Done in 2001 to gather some experience with early computer equipment as part of a recherche on computer history. (Sadly the only missing parts are the the console and printer outputs. The script was designed for Netscape 4, so some visual feedback – e.g. shortly flashing control lights – may be missing.)
A Tribute to After Dark
  The first and only screen-saver on the web.
Perfectly useless, perfectly nice. They are back:
Classic Flying Toasters
  The original Flying Toasters are © 1990 Berkeley Systems Inc.
by Jack Eastman, Bruce Burkhalter, and Patrick Beard,
Artwork by Tomoya Ikeda.



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